Who We Are

We are a group of Congolese living in DRC, people from DRC living in the UK, and native British. Most of us are Quakers. The group has been in existence since August 2020. Joel Amani, a member who lives in East Congo, has visited mining areas and produced reports for us. Two members in East Congo (Joel Amani and George Bani) organise meetings to bring all parties together, such as companies, artisanal miners, NGO’s representatives of local government and local people to discuss issues relating to mining and how it is affecting local people, and to suggest ways forward. They organise workshops and training for people in the mining areas. Members in the UK are campaigning where there are plans for massive factories producing batteries for electric cars, which will need a large quantity of minerals from DRC.


Joel Amani visiting a mining area

George Bani, who is based in Uvira


Nigel Watt – London, UK
Elizabeth Coleman – Manchester, UK
Jules Irenge – London, UK
Sandra Dutson – Manchester, UK 
George Bani – Uvira, S Kivu, DRC
Joel Amani – Bukavu, S Kivu, DRC
Jacques Kanda – Manchester, UK
Michel Ilunga – Manchester, UK
Sarah – UK
Huguette Massiya – Katanga, DRC
Jason Evans – Brighton, UK
Amos Malenga – Bukavu, S Kivu, DRC

Nigel Watt, Elizabeth Coleman, Jules Irenge and Sandra Dutson form the Steering Group that prepares for our meetings, including preparing agendas.


We have held Faith in Action Group meetings at Britain Yearly Meeting 2021, 2022, and 2023.

We have been granted Quaker Recognised Body status by Britain Yearly Meeting. 

We have been helped by Turning The Tide, a Quaker project that helps groups to develop strategy, and have had Zooms meeting with staff of Quaker Peace and Social Witness.